Red Clay (David Cooper, guitar and vocals, Mike Parker, drums and vocals, Tim Cooper, bass) performs classic rock and blues for community events, corporate events and receptions, to bring awareness and support of needy persons in Georgia who receive assistance through three programs: M.U.S.T ministries, SAFEHOUSE ministries and The Atlanta Mission.

Red Clay performs for free asking only that people support these programs to help those in need. Download their music for free or request a CD to be mailed to you. Red Clay recordings are performed live in the studio without overdubbing so listeners get the actual live sound of the band when they perform.

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Download Tracks

• 01 - Born To Be Wild (download)
• 02 - Come Together (download)
• 03 - Crossroads (download)
• 04 - The Thrill Is Gone (download)
• 05 - Mississippi Queen (download)
• 06 - Purple Haze (download)
• 07 - Superstition (download)
• 08 - Rock and Roll (download)
• 09 - Jumpin' Jack Flash (download)
• 10 - All Along the Watchtower (download)
• 11 - Hot'lanta (download)